Privacy of verified Uphold account

I have a Uphold account which is linked to a credit cards, and with which I have a couple of crypto “accounts.” When I go to authorise my Uphold account for use with Brave, the authorization page at Uphold has this:

Authorize application
In order to facilitate the services provided by Brave Browser, you’re authorizing Uphold to transfer your personal data and allowing the application to:

Funding methods

View all funding methods associated to your Uphold wallet.

View all your Uphold Money Cards and their associated information.
Update existing Money Card names and create new Uphold Money Cards.


Add funds from your available funding methods into your Uphold wallet.
View all transactions.
Transfer funds from your Uphold wallet to the application.
Transfer funds from your Uphold wallet to other members.


View all the information associated to your Uphold wallet.

Your personal data will be protected and processed in accordance with Brave Browser’s privacy policy. You’ll need to re-authorize the application every 90 days or when your transaction volume reaches 250 BAT.

This is way over the top. I started out highlighting the worrying elements of these conditions, but I gave up.

There is no way I will authorise my Uphold wallet for Brave rewards with those conditions.

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