Privacy not working!

Hello every one or eh… no one,
i got an external drive with a MANUAL read only switch because as we all know, data security can not be trusted neither BIOS nor Windows OS software. Linux is okay i guess, never tried that sh^*t.

But when i tried to run Brave browser installed on this drive with write access OFF of course, weird things happened: The brave humble express error something, check log nonsense. So what´s up with privacy guys, galls, boys and humvees, when not allowed to note, since after all that is not necessary to run a browser … Writting logs are neither privacy, get that you … &/%$&.

And i am using brave browser version 1.01 because i noticed, that it was the first epic with dark theme, which i use, and after that no use, no need, garbage to me, maybe not you, and i give a crap about earning on selling my privacy of course.
That is it folks. All for now. I am not coming back to read comments you know, for this is it, finale out. Dut.

This is not a zero history, zero settings saved, etc, browser. You basically want portable software that can be run from a USB stick. See

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