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I can’t understant guys! Before you show your project like one great alternative at the conventionals systems. Than you ask to me all my personal data number telephone included to activate me the wallet functionality. Something is not clear… If I have to give you all my data which the difference from the old bank system? For me you are only an old system hidden under the name blockchain. I’m very sad for you but this is not change. This is the past! Good luke but my data you won’t get.

Brave has chosen Uphold as their banking partner. As such, Uphold requests that information to verify your identity to cut down on scammers and to make sure that funds get to the correct party. It is my understanding that Brave doesn’t actually get that information,

I personally don’t use the wallet function, and I don’t have an uphold account. I still choose to use Brave as I find it to be a good, solid browser on multiple platforms.

I’m sorry you don’t find the process of registering for Uphold to be preferable, but Brave is still a perfectly functional browser, even in it’s current beta status. However, if you don’t want to continue to use it, there are some good options out there. Vivaldi and Firefox also cater to users who want to protect their privacy online.

For those problem already there are the private keys and the blockchain process you don’t need to find one personal solution. The problem it’s another! You hide that your interest is to track users as the N.w.o. want. This is the true!

How can Advance and update look my account

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