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Well, I’d been fairly active on the Issues threads (usually solving incompat problems) until ~November when I noticed that Brave was allowing spying by google just about on every site. Yes, GA is blocked but google scripts and CSS and other connections are routinely allowed. I’m not sure if Brave even blocks superfluous external fonts by google. Certainly, google offers all of those “helpful free services” primarily to do tracking.

So I stopped in now to see if that has improved, but it hasn’t in 6 months. E.g. I today posted a reply on this issue:
… and I saw that spying by google is still routinely allowed.

I don’t guess that anybody at Brave will much care about this criticism and so I don’t know if I’ll check for any replies. But still I think it would be wrong and non-productive of me to leave without saying why. I’ve also stopped recommending Brave.

What’s even worse is that by suppressing spying by smaller spies but allowing google, you actually help to strengthen their near monopoly position. Yes, I’m well aware that the goal of Brave is, and must be, to make money. But my goal is to avoid corporate spying and Brave doesn’t seem to care much about avoiding that from google and facebook and so on.

Without using devtools/network, Brave users won’t even know how much google spying is being allowed.

[I’ve seen on another thread that NoScript is now in Brave? But it’s not showing in my win7 latest-version and that wouldn’t block all connections anyway.

It also looks like there is not a ‘privacy’ tag to add to my post.]


@privatzee do you know of some specific google domains which should be blocked?

++ on the privacy tag, added it.


@privatzee you have to be a bit more thorough about your initial statement, you can’t just leave it to a two sentenced paragraph. You have to be a bit more specific.


I’m also worried about Brave privacy. (See my previous post: Why is Brave remembering my searches?) That’s why I uninstalled Brave a few days ago and went back to Firefox. I no longer recommend Brave to my friends.


@braveguy as mentioned in that thread, it’ll be fixed soon. Bugs happen :slight_smile:

But do audit us! We’ll only get better through folks discovering issues and we do offer bounties.

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