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I’m running the latest build of Brave Beta under Windows 10. I stumbled on Brave several years ago and have used it on and off, currently on. There is such a profusion of privacy and security extensions available for Chromium-based browsers (and Mozilla-based browsers) that I feel quite lost. I have just reinstalled Brave Beta after having to reinstall the Windows 10 OS because of too many crashes. So far, the only “privacy” extension I’ve added is the Startpage privacy package because I like the Startpage search a little better than DuckDuckGo. We use IObit security software, and they have an IObit Safe Browsing add-on, which I have not yet installed. I would like to keep the number of privacy/security extensions on Brave to a minimum. I am seeking recommendations as to which privacy extensions are actually worth adding to Brave. Thank you.


On the notion that you might want to see what Brave Browser can do for Privacy and Security, before tacking on extensions . . . and, probably avoiding some issues, by not tacking on some extensions . . .

I suggest that you test run - a lot - what Brave Browser defenses exist, before adding any extensions.

In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://flags and

  • Disable Brave Shields v2
  • Enable Brave Shields v1

Set Brave Browser (v1.39.111 and later) Global Shields(v1) (brave://settings/shields):

Create 4 new bookmarks - you will use them:

  • brave://settings/clearBrowserData
  • brave://settings/cookies
  • brave://settings/content/javascript
  • brave://settings/shields

On occasions when you consider using the site-specific Shields (Lion icon) panel, in order to lower Shields . . . I recommend, that you first, go to: brave://settings/content/javascript and Allow a source of javascripts. For example:

Let us say, that the website is

At brave://settings/content/javascript, scroll down to: Allowed to use Javascript

Click the Add button

Enter [*.] as the site . . . but Do Not Enable :

  • Current Private session only

Click the Add button

Some recommended settings . . .

In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://settings/getStarted

  • Select: Open a specific page or set of pages
  • Select: Add a new page
  • Enter: about:blank (notice the colon)

In order to keep control in your court:

Go to: brave://settings/content

Scroll down to ‘Additional permissions’ . . . and set:

  • Protocol handlers: Don't allow sites to handle protocols
  • File editing: Don't allow sites to edit files or folders on your device
  • Clipboard: Don't allow sites to see text or images on your clipboard
  • Window placement: Don't allow sites use info about your screens to open and place windows

Scroll down to ‘Content’ . . . and set:

  • Pop-ups and redirects: Don't allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects

The following website will give an idea of what your (testing) Internet browser(s) reveals:

Articles re your concern:

May interest:

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None, at most Ublock-origin for more granular control and Privacy Redirect/libredirect or redirector.


@mafinokc This is my recommendation to you: do not add any other privacy-related extensions to Brave as this browser does well the job for us.

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