Privacy concern with auto-login

I have recently installed Brave and it’s working fine.
I have 2 Facebook accounts, one is “open” and has Password saved for auto login. The other account is a “Private” account, only to be opened after entering Password and Login name. The account is NOT in the “saved passwords”.
To my utter surprise I opened my “Private” account only to find out I got straight to the pages without log-in???
I checked my “Saved Password” settings and that account is NOT saved.
I tried to remove all passwords related to Facebook, restarted Brave and on opening my secure account again I got straight to my account without having to log-in.
This is such a breach of privacy that I had to uninstall Brave until I get a solution.
I checked Chrome and that works all good and secure. Please help.

@Theo54au Can you please oprovide brave version and platform details? so that i can try it out from my end. I have tried it on latest version of brave 0.66.101, but could not reproduce the issue. Here are the steps i followed.

  1. Open in normal window
  2. Login to facebook and save the credentials
  3. Open private windows
  4. Open
  5. Select the auto populated username and password
  6. Log into FB in Private tab using auto populated credentials
  7. Logout FB in Normal window and Private window
  8. Remove saved password from chrome://settings/passwords
  9. Open private window

Actual: facebook login page is displayed, it did not login me automatically as stored passwords are removed.

Please provide the STR to reproduce the issue.


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