Privacy concern and self tipping

I’m using brave as my primary browser on desktop and on my mobile devices too.
That choice is indeed for Brave’s attention on privacy but also for the attention/rewards system.

So in the past days I was reading about policies on how to self tipping is forbidden. For that i discovered there is basically no option to cash out tokens on mobile at the moment, and not sure if it’s something on a road map or not.

Besides that, I was trying to get more info on what is considered self tipping and how: when I asked (here Creator not receiving tips and brave not showing anymore ads ) if tipping from my mobile devices to my contributor account is self tipping, i received “Yes, is self tipping” as answer.
Important note: i added to my question that mobiles are not linked in any way with my desktop and also use differents ips (because they have their own sim card).

So I’m just wondering how Brave can identify my self tipping and what Brave stores or read to do it.
Is there more information about that to read?
Because i’m starting to have some concern on what Brave stores about my navigation or my mobiles info and how it is used to link different devices to each other.

I tried to search more on it, but found nothing. Can you explain more?


Can anyone give some help?


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