(privacy) Clear browsing data only in specific private session



What do you think? Anyone interest?


it sounds nice, but would you please let us know how it is expected to work? I am not quite sure when we would want to use that option. Thanks!


Lets say
Person 1:
Use private session 1 and login into his Gmail / Facebook accounts or anything related to person 1.

Person 2:
Use “private session 2” and login to same websites using different credentials (different accounts related to person 2.)

Then Person 3…

Person 4.
so on…

Now person 2 needs to log out from all of his accounts and clear all cookies and site data.

Each session has different cookie-jar but, the problem comes when you erase cookies/site data, It only works globally. It logouts every private session (person 1, 2, 3 and 4… ) everyone.

But If you do have this feature, you can simply switch to the 2nd person’s tab (or right click on it) and do something like “Erase /Reset this private session” or something like in the screenshot :grinning: and It only sign-outs person 2"


I’m talking about a feature like this. (but this is a paid browser)

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