Printing shipping labels in ebay no longer works in Brave


Hi there,
For some reason Brave has started ‘downloading’ my shipping labels from inside ebay when I click on them to print (never had a problem until today). Brave wants me to save as ‘all files’ and when I go to ‘open’, microsoft word opens with a bunch of gobbledygook. Finally bypassed by opening it with pdf but the labels should head straight to my Cannon. I’ve got adobe flash working, have tried turning off Brave shield and reloading, I can’t get the ebay labels to bypass Brave’s need to store the file as an ‘all file’ download, that opens in gibberish.
How can I fix this? Using HP windows 7 business pro, no issues there. I’ve had trouble with saving files using Brave but there’s no reason to ‘download’ a shipping label from inside ebay - should go straight to my checked default printer. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @fofa

Is this the same issue as yours?



Hi!Yes, that is the same issue exactly. I can put shields up or shields down doesn’t matter. Another thing that is intermittent-not sure if you’re part of the IT whizz team-is that either ‘Last Pass’ or Brave sometimes won’t let me right click in order to copy and paste. It comes and goes, but is really annoying when trying to business. Can’t get options to save photos, etc, even using ctrl c ctrl v won’t work. I’m not quite certain about Last Pass and how it seems to want to get all up in my business, but it has hijacked things, just not sure exactly how, when, and why. It’s possible somehow that this issue with printing labels starts with LP effing up somewhere. The right click box briefly flashes for a nanosecond when hit, goes away, but I digress, is a seperate issue.So far am loving Brave, practically nothing to clean out of my computer each day before it goes night night, really love it.Thanks!'Fofa"


Thanks for confirming @fofa! I have added a +1 to the github issue and linked this community post.

Regarding issues with ctrl c/ctrl v, we have a known issue logged, it can be tracked here:

Additionally, we do have some known issues with LastPass. They are in this list:

Please feel free to browse the list, or any of our open issues, and (if you feel so inclined) +1 any of them on GitHub. You can also log your own! We’re completely open source so feel free to add what you’re seeing. If you would rather report issues here on community, that’s fine too, whatever you are comfortable with.

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. Going to close this thread for now since we have an issues logged for what you’ve seen. Please feel free to open new threads for any issues or feature requests you’d like to see in Brave.


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