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Don’t think this is a bug, just different than previous version of Brave and in Chrome. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong? I am in Quickbooks Online all day printing reports and checks. Seems to involve more steps than necessary or it did in earlier version of Brave. Before a few updates ago, when I clicked QBO print icon a window would appear saying Print, email or save as PDF. “Right click the preview and select PRINT. Or click the print icon if you see one below”. I would click Print icon and windows print driver was there.

The way I currently print from the QBO site is: Click print in QBO/a window appears saying Print, email or save as PDF (but now the PRINT icon is missing here) only option now is to: double click to open the Brave download/click print in Adobe window/click print from windows print driver box/close Adobe/close QBO print box/X the Brave download box.

Still works as first described in Chrome, but since I’ve been working in Brave, I don’t want to go back.

Any advise from anyone here would be appreciated, Thanks.


Hi @Dan1705,
Can I ask what version of Brave you’re using?


0.25.2 Sorry for the delayed reply. Don’t get an email notification when someone replies. This latest update continues in same manner. Thanks


There are a number of known issues with PDFJS and Brave, especially on the Muon build. Have you considered switching over to Brave Beta?

Brave Beta Download
Official Beta Announcement


1- What’s the chance it would fix my issue?
2- Have done my share testing Beta’s in past years and sometimes get more issues than I had time for. What might i expect if I go with the Beta? More issues than current Brave?


Answering both questions: Brave Beta fixes a ton.
Yes, there will still be issues that you encounter and things that need to be fixed. You can track the issues and feedback in the Beta Builds category here on Community:

But Beta is at a point where its about ready to move to the stable channel and Muon will slowly be phased out. For what its worth, I’ve been using Beta daily since before it released and haven’t gone back since.



Hey when I got back to the home office, I downloaded the Beta version in hopes to resolve this print pdf from QuickBooks Online. I now have this error in the preview box and still have to print using the long version as described earlier. Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Dan

Dan Dumbauld, Pres.

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Forgot to attach the error description snippet in the previous email.

Dan Dumbauld

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@Dan1705, apologies for the (continued) inconvenience.
I know this issue is getting addressed presently but it looks like its not implemented yet.
In the meantime, you can work around this by installing an add-on to Brave that reads PDFs. If done, this will override the built-in PDF viewer (PDFjs) and they will default to the extension’s settings.

I know that’s not ideal but it will definitely allow you to work through the issue until our default viewer errors get resolved. Let me know if any of this is unclear.


The old ver of Brave, had extension lists that you could add. The beta ver, does not. I had to go to the Chrome store to find and place in extension library. I did download a PDF reader, see the attachment. Is this what you meant, if not where do I find it and which works as the work-around? Yep, guess I am unclear.

Dan Dumbauld

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If you want to view them in-browser then you’ll need to look for a pdf reader/viewer that supports that functionality. For example, I was able to use this extension to open pdf files in browser:

That’s just the one I tested, there are many available. Let me know if you need assistance installing/using the extension you decide to install.


This one does the same thing. Looks different, so it appears to be the one you suggested. Not sure what the deal is? Think I found it via your link and installed ok. Turned it on in extensions.

Dan Dumbauld

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