Print > Save as PDF moves Brave window to the right, partway off the screen

Description of the issue:
In the Print overlay window, when “Save as PDF” is the destination, after clicking [Save] to bring up the Save dialog, the Brave window suddenly moves partway off the right edge of the screen, and remains that way after completing the save.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. macOS 11.2.3, Brave 1.23.73 (FYI: this problem does not occur on macOS 10.13.6)

  2. Brave window maximized (not full-screen, but as big as the window gets without hiding the Dock or Menu Bar — FYI, haven’t tried this with the window any other size)

  3. From any page or site CMD+P to print; select Destination: Save as PDF; click [Save]

RESULT: As soon as the Save dialog appears, the Brave window moves far to the right, about 1/3 of it disappearing under the right edge of the screen.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
Screenshots attached
M1 MacBook Air
This bug occurs in every profile, regardless of extensions, etc.

[Had to delete this screenie]

Hi there @100WattWalrus, welcome to community :slight_smile:

Would you mind giving these suggestions a try…

  1. Can you give it a try with a different window size?
  2. Would you happen to have a multi-screen set up?
  3. Does the window always disappear to the same side of the screen?

Salty :banana:

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Sorry this dropped off my radar because the problem was solved in 1.24.

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@100WattWalrus awesome to hear!

Happy browsing,
Salty :banana: