Print link button on Online banking that opens a new window for "Printing" doesn't show the information


Print link button that open a new window doesn’t show anything. Although clicking the menu on the top right and then “Print” does print most of the information, but that’s not exactly ideal, the Print button works better on Firefox. I’ve been “Printing” things to PDF with PDF Creator.

This seems to happen with other button links that open a new window, such as from

Thank you.


@life777eternal, hello!

Thank you for reaching out. First, I’d like to say that this is an excellent bug report containing all the necessary information (and some extra!). We appreciate that diligence as it makes our lives easier :slight_smile:

The issue you’ve described is known and has been logged. You can find a similar report here. The issue seems to be triggered when Brave opens a pop-up window or new tab with an about:blank target. The good news is that the team is aware and will be working hard to address this issue.

Brave Team [Matt]


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