Print button unresponsive on iPad


Device : iPad Air 2, latest iOS version

When I hit the “Print” button, nothing happens, no pop up (unlike with Safari) showing more actions, nothing.

Can you please troubleshoot ? Thanks

Is this the right channel to get official support or only Communicate ty help ?

This issue is bothering to adopt Brave on mobile. Please fix it

@ViroMajor Thanks for reaching out! I am unable to reproduce the issue in iPhone 8, I guess it could be ipad specific issue.

cc: @Mattches @sriram Could you please check the Print button issue in your iPad device?


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@ViroMajor @gsarvadnya,
Works for me on my end, tested using iPhone and pad – will reach to a few team members to see if they can reproduce. Does it happen on all sites or only for certain ones?

I have numerous versions of iPad. I tested on all.

So, I can precise the problem. It seems to happen on PDF files especially…

On regular webpages, the Print button triggers normally, but on some PDF files that are loaded from online URL links, the Print button then don’t trigger the Print menu further.

I hope you can replicate that on your side. Crossing fingers. Thanks for your time

@ViroMajor Thanks for the information. Would you mind sharing a online links where the PDF loaded? or elase can you send a short recoding? I have verified a couple of PDF’s Print works fine.


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Unfortunately, my PDF links with problems come from private access, like banks (bank statement PDF) or official governemental sites

Maybe you can handle me a PDF link succesful for you so I can double check on my side

@Mattches @gsarvadnya

Here is a recording like you requested.

At the beginning, I try to Print a regular webpage, the Print menu pops put just fine.
Then I load a PDF file on a second tab, then the Print menu fails to pop out.

Like I said earlier, it happens on numerous private websites (banks, government) after you have logged inside of them then generate PDF files.

Please research and get back to me. Thanks in advance

@ViroMajor Thanks for the recorded file! could you try changing the shield settings and try whether it allows you to print that particular PDF file?


Hi @gsarvadnya I unshielded all settings and can see no improvement :confused:

@ViroMajor Thanks for the confirmation. I am able to Reproduce the issue, this issue is happening ONLY with online banking PDF statements. I am unable to Print HDFC pdf statments. Going to log an issue shortly.


Cool. Hoping for a quick fix. Keep us updated :slight_smile: thanks
I will delete my video then

@ViroMajor Sure, please go ahead and delete the recorded file. Issue is logged, please track the issue here.


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