Previously earned BAT not transferred after verifying Gemini Wallet

I verified my Gemini wallet when the integration went live in August. I have received a random 1 BAT into my Gemini, and as of today I have another 4.5 BAT for the October payout.

However, I had around 20 BAT in my Brave Rewards prior to adding my Gemini wallet. These BAT have not been transferred to the wallet - I assumed the system may send all BAT at the next monthly payment, but this does not seem to be the case.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I have the same issue but with Uphold. Received the September payout today but the previously earned BAT did not transfer.

Same here, i got told that it can take a while… but its already 3 weeks and still nothing.

Yeah it has been a good 2 months, I am skeptical the pre-existing BAT should take so long to transfer. There is obviously an issue here that has yet to be resolved.

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