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Forgive me if this has already been requested… I was unable to find this as a request in other portions of the site.

It’d be awesome to have a built in Session manager. That way if the browser or OS crashes or is closed unexpectedly… And I have multiple Windows open, I have the ability to re-open the main Window that had the information I really cared about in it.

There have been a few times where I’ve accidentally moved a tab from the main window, creating a new window and then I had to force kill Brave (for whatever reason… most notably high CPU usage) and then when I re-open Brave, it has the information from the window that was accidentally created… not the main window that I was using.

Thanks for your consideration.


Hi @Vaulcul

We have a request logged for an about:sessions for session management, does this fit your request? If so, we can +1 this issue on github with your scenario so it can be covered (either one of us can, we’re completely open source so you can comment on github issues too :slight_smile: ).

Please take a look:




I think that works.

Thanks much.