Preview doesn't work, Webex or any conf bridge plugins doesn't work, MetaMask doesn't work, mobile browser doesn't let me type URLs, downloads need few extra clicks,

  1. Try clicking on any PDF link from Brave and try doing the same on Chrome, Firefox or IE. Brave doesn’t load the PDF on the browser. All other browsers work just fine on my laptop.

  2. When I download a file, it does show up in the bottom list - which is great. But I need to find the open folder icon, click on it, choose the file and then open. Whereas in all other browsers, I just click on the download completed notification at the bottom of the browser and it opens up.

  3. I have tried WebEx, Joinme, Bluejeans - none of the plugins work. I have to click on run stand alone application, then click on the open folder icon in the downloaded file, then click on the file to launch. In all other browsers, the meeting starts right away.

  4. I thought at-least MetaMask would work well with Brave. Unfortunately, metamask doesn’t even load.

  5. Try using Brave on a mobile device. When you launch the browser and try to go to “” it won’t accept anything more than “d” - it will prompt for some weird site that it knows about and won’t let you type. Or, try searching for something on the URL itself - it will keep prompting you with a website URL and won’t let you type. I use it on my iPhone 7+.


Clearly Theres some issues because brave works like a charm on my mum’s IPhone 7+

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