Prevent Loosing Bookmarks?

I am just curious how you are supposed to manage Sync overall.

Let’s say you had two devices that got lost they were in your bag that someone has taken.

How do you get your bookmarks and settings back into a new device with Brave?

With no login or no storage I don’t see a way that these would be possible to retrieve.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

My thoughts on using sync and only using brave to handle bookmarks is to not to… I use Eversync (Chrome) to be the main repository for my bookmarks. In your case, that’s the perfect reason to use that extension as it stores your bookmarks in a central location in the cloud. It’s free if you have 500 bookmarks or less… If over that and you still require free, I really don’t have any solutions… Another thing, is this solution allows for syncing bookmarks across all your browsers… just install the extension for the different browsers.

As far as sync goes I only use that when needing to get bookmarks on my android device… and before syncing, deleting bookmarks on android brave first to start fresh because of sync still being messed up, imo. The main device is brave on my mac that is the source (starter of the sync chain) and the target is the android brave. After the sync is done, remove android brave the sync chain and remove the sync chain from the mac brave.

While looking around I also ran into Might want to look at that as well it appeared that the eversync app on android is not updated.

Yeah, I chose eversync because of the ability to do directory structures… and I don’t know if anyone could import the bookmarks into brave android because the only way to “import” bookmarks was to use sync…