Prevent Amazon from Repeatedly Showing Captcha

If the Brave browser history/cookies is regularly cleared (either manually, or on exit), Amazon will keep displaying captchas before allowing access to their website. This happens:

A) When typing directly into the address bar.

B) When visiting the Amazon website directly from a saved bookmark.

C) When visiting the Amazon website directly from a link (for example, a link in an email).

The issue doesn’t occur if visiting the Amazon website from a search engine results page, presumably because it has a referrer URL.

While this is an Amazon issue for introducing hostile technologies like captchas, the issue does not occur in Microsoft Edge or Firefox, it only occurs in Chrome and Brave.

Therefore, if it doesn’t occur in Edge (which is also Chromium-based), I’m wondering whether it can be prevented from happening in Brave as well.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Clear browsing data.

2) Type into the address bar.

3) Amazon displays a captcha challenge.


See it occur in Chrome also, I suspect the captcha data is held in the cookies/local storage? So clearing it resets the captcha data. Maybe there is a specific local storage item or cookie that’s used by amazon.