Pressing Alt+Shift to switch language opens the File menu


I was about to give Brave a go, but had to call it off within the first minute.
My system is configured (like many systems following the Windows tradition) to switch input language with Alt+Shift.
In Brave for some reason it seems like that’s how you pop up the File menu…?
Traditionally it would be Alt+F or just Alt to see available keyboard accelerators. Why diverge from this norm?

Technical info: Fedora 25, KDE Plasma 5.9.5
Brave: 0.15.2
rev: af7ef42ad622f899312a38bdd0e2138154393627
Muon: 2.58.9
libchromiumcontent: 58.0.3029.96
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: linux
os.release: 4.10.15-200.fc25.x86_64
os.arch: x64


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Hi @oranja,
I’m sorry for late reply. There is an open issue related to this. I added your comment to the GH issue and you can track the progress here:

Thank you,


Funny thing is… I think it actually got better in one of the updates, such that I figured it was solved already.
Now I see that the problematic behaviour is back (0.16.13, rev 7869803).

I will follow the issue on github.
Thanks @eljuno

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