Premium Membership without CeditCard

Hello Brave. I would like to support your work and become a premium member. The obstacle is that I do not have a credit card and do not want one. Can you implement a system where I pay my fee once a year?
A reminder email before the end of the year/membership would be appreciated. That’s what I do with Bitwarden (password manager) for example.
With best regards
Michael Noll from Germany

I’ll tag @mattches @SaltyBanana to answer.

BTW, would you have a debit card?
I think it works for debit cards too

Unfortunately at this time you do need a credit or debit card in order to sign up for/purchase our Premium services. There may be alternative ways to pay for them down the line (such as paying with BAT or other forms of Crypto) but at this time a card is required.

Mattches, what he is trying to say is that you could have a one time payment for the whole year kinda. And when it’s about to end, you could send an email.

Similar to spotify which has a monthly subscription as well as a prepaid plan for 3, 6 and 12 months I guess

So either way, they will need a credit card to do that if we did offer that subscription option on desktop/Premium. I believe that a yearly subscription for all platforms is planned but not implemented yet.

Right now, you can have a yearly subscription but it must be bought via the Apple app store or Google Play store on an iOS/Android device.

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