Pre-Legacy Wallet - Transfer Short

I’ve been watching for the option to transfer from iOS to desktop for a while, and I saw that the option had become available a few weeks ago. Today, it appears that all iOS Brave Rewards are being discontinued. Prior to the availablity of a “Legacy Wallet” option that I discovered in the Help Center, I had submitted two consecutive and duplicate transfer requests using the “QR code” transfer option. I received 9 BAT in one transfer, but I had roughly 27 BAT in this iOS wallet. I was behaving impatiently and was hopeful that the transfer would be instantaneous. As of today, the Brave Rewards feature on my iOS device says “Brave Rewards payouts are temporarily unavailable on this device. Transfer your existing wallet funds to a desktop wallet to keep your tokens.”

Is there an avenue to recover and obtain the BAT that I didn’t receive in the single transfer option?

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