"Pre-Audit" to not get suspended possible?

Hi, I am currently running cold outreach campaigns to adopt new users to the Brave Browser.
I am also in the process of scaling my campaigns.

Now I heard of many people getting their accounts suspended because of a sudden surge of new referred users incoming. I understand that this system exists and it only makes sense to suspend suspicious behaviour.

My question is: Can I get “pre-audited”, so that I don’t get flagged and possibly suspended later on?

I can show you all the campaigns I am currently running, all my ad copies, texts as well as my google analytics where you can see the traffic sources.
Because I heard once you are suspended this could very well take a few weeks or even months to resolve and this would really hurt me financially.

So if we could make that happen in any way, shape or form, this would be very very much appreciated. My goal is to acquire only legit and interested users for long-term adoption of the browser because I really want the whole project to succeed.

Tagging @steeven @alex @Asad @eljuno for a response to this.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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