PPA advertising for brave search to grow popularity with advertisers and users

PPC Advertising on popular platforms is expensive and manipulated in a way, that the only winner is the advertising platform itself. Advertising on a search website by itself is nothing bad, as long as the ads are clearly visible as such to the user and are relevant to the search query. especially when a buy intent is mentioned, like in the query “buy microwave nearby”, a search engine should provide advertised options in order to pay for the search service as a reward for the information provided to the user. PPC systems are flawed by nature, as they only take clicks into consideration. More clicks equal more money for the search engine. this results in more and more ad-space on the results page to maximize profits. it also promotes click-bots and other techniques to artificially increase clicks and drain the advertising budget of contenders.

All those problems wouldn’t exist with a success orientated PPA (pay per action) advertising model in which the search engine would get paid a commission only if a purchase or another desired action has taken place. this can be tracked via a tag, but one which by design preserves the user’s privacy.

Ad costs and performance will be regulated by market mechanisms as high bids with no conversions will make no money for the search engine. Hence such ads will be not be shown as often to users as lower bid ads with high conversions. This means that only relevant offers will fill the ads section of the search engine and that those ads are actually wanted by the users. Users will prefer the relevant search results of brave search. brave search, which will gain popularity and earn money with advertising. And the advertiser, will pay only for actual conversions. A win-win-win situation for everyone.

Could such an PPA advertising model work for brave search? What are your thoughts?