Powerpoint files from box.com not rendering


In box.com, I tried to open a Powerpoint file and it will not open in this browser.
“Box edit failed to validate the file download.”


For BOX to work for me (EDIT: to correctly render previews of PPT in the Brave Browser) I need to adjust Brave settings from the most conservative to:

  • Allow Javascript

  • Block Third Party Fingerprinting

  • Block Third Party Cookies



Ahh… wait. I overlooked what you were actually referring to. You are trying to open a file from box using the OPEN IN POWERPOINT edit option that if functioning correctly opens the file in the desktop powerpoint program and then when saved will automatically place it back in BOX’s cloud, ya?

That is dependent on the BOX third party software called either BOX EDIT (Windows OS) or BOX TOOLS (Apple OS), and if you read the apps info it doesn’t list BRAVE as a supported browser explicitly:

“- Easy installation: Start using Box Edit by downloading the Box Tools installer that is accessible through the ‘Open’ button on any file preview, or from accessing https://www.box.com/box-for-devices/. It works on all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.”

So I could see this problem resulting from any of these situations:

  • Though using Chromium, Brave is too different from Chrome to allow BOX EDIT to function properly
  • Native Brave security won’t let this happen - I turned off all security through the brave badge but still had the problematic issue - so that didn’t work and/or maybe there is a preference deeper int he system that can be changed
  • Box Edit is really the slacker and needs to update the app for Brave support

So I would assume that, unfortunately, you might be out of luck on this one for a bit.