Posting/replying here in the brave community and github


Hey there, i started using the community to post feature requests and all, and reply to some (add to other with other detailed requests)

HOWEVER NOW the Developers/moderators are starting to use github and all AND ITS CONFUSING ME!!!

i have tried to understand github but never can… let alone post/reply as easy as
its to chaotic for me and unable to follow as i can HERE

so please help me understand how this change is working
i am disabled and trying to figure things out
(i dont do well with chaos or change much, let alone understand everything as it happens)



@myale the basic way it works is like this : is for support, feature requests, contributor onboarding, and conversation around Brave. is where the code lives and is integral to the developers’ workflow.

When someone comes to us with a problem, regardless of the path they took, if the issue is well defined per our posting guidelines and is reproducible, then we create a github issue so that it can be triaged appropriately.

For timeline info see : When will (any subject) happen?

Triage happens because there are way more users than there are developers and there are a near-infinite number of ways a browser can appear to have an issue based on their combination of browser version, computing hardware, network connection, etc etc.

If folks are technically sharp and willing and able to participate in the investigation of issues, they may go straight to github. We try to keep it less technical and more conversational in

If any of us point you toward github in a thread then it is just to say that our team has received and understands the issue, it will be triaged, and if you are interested in knowing the progress toward resolution, you can check the milestone value.

No milestone = it is unlikely this will be fixed anytime soon by our team.

As always with early startups processes can change as we adapt to make ourselves more efficient. However, I’ll try to keep an eye out and communicate to the community if there is a big shift.

Hopefully this clarifies things a bit. :smiley:



ok just so i understand this more, what you are saying is to focus on posting in the community as i have been and then for an example if a feature idea i have gets started then it would move to github?

As someone with a few disabilities i MIGHT Be able to help think of things that might not have been thought of else where or continued to be ignored by other browsers

i am still trying to learn the CSS Coding and php for website design, but i do have some thoughts for further browser design ideas and in some ways it would be as simple to having 2 browser set ups 1 would be geared specifically towards people with certain disabilities and then you have the main design that is more like what we see with firefox and all

anyways thanks for the reply and further help


@myale any feedback on better accessibility is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


any time :slight_smile:



i dont know if i should put this here or if i should put it somewhere else in a new thread…

anyways, it hit me, many browsers have the Zoom in and zoom out function INSIDE a menu, what brave needs to do is create the zoom function ontop like below the Brave Icon… Use the + and - for the zoom functions also make it so Alt Text shows when the mouse Hoovers either icon till they are Pressed

there maybe short cut keys for this BUT and i say BUT for many people with visual disabilities and eye problems (elderly as well) who are also new to computers would not know where to look

and for those stuck on old computers with older displays this also makes sence…
and Brave browser can reset the standard for those with disabilities (i know many others dont want to much clutter on the bowser but this would really good)



i’m having trouble with being redirected to another site, at the opening of the site i want to visit, instead of going to that site i’m sent to an ad site, and i see no way to stop reidrects, i want to visit, i open the browser try to get to that site and i’m hijacked away from moonbitco in which is where i want to be. and sent to places like this,{device}it, before it even loads. loading starts and i’m sent to places like this.where i do not want to be. so this browser needs a site blocker that will just stop a site from appearing or better a redirect remover that works

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