Post current Beta build #s somewhere on website?


I would suggest posting current Beta build #s somewhere on the website. I make this request due to past updating issues, and a wish to double-check that my build is the latest.



@jaybird, thanks for reaching out!
I think I agree with this 100%.
While I can’t control what gets put on our offical website (, I can control what gets displayed here on Community.

Allow me a bit of time to find a way to efficiently implement something like this (so that version numbers stay up to date automatically [ideally] to avoid confusion) but you’ll likely see version numbers for each build somewhere visible here on Community.

Would that be an okay middle ground to your request?


@Mattches , Thanks for your reply!
I should have added “visible on Community…” in my request, since that was my intention. Yes, anywhere or anyway you can post this info would be great!

Can you tell me the current version, please?



:point_up: Probably should have included that in previous reply right? :joy:

Beta is currently on v0.61.36 at the time of writing this.

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