Post accreditation by referrals from last month

Good evening, I would like to know what happens with the confirmed but not accredited referrals, that is, last month I looked for 12 referrals to be confirmed this month for August 4 since they are using the program and even the system confirmed me My 12 referrals, however, I do not credit them, so the question is, will they continue to pay for the referrals or not? I also have doubts about this that I saw in other pages “1,493,222,636 / 1,500,000,000” and there are not many Bat left that influences? the reward system will no longer work?

I do not upload anything about my brave because in the last thing I read it is recommended not to share this information

Hi @Trinaccc - you will be paid on all ‘confirmed’ referrals. If the confirmation happens during the first week of the month, then you will be paid out as a part of the following month’s settlement. Thank you for reaching out!

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