Possibly hack access to my hardrive via Brave and Google login

I’m using always updated UBUNTU 20.04
I’m using BRAVE downloaded from UBUNTU software center “snap”

Description of the issue:
I logged into my google account and I was browsing youtube.
went to look at some files on my hard drive via “Nautilus”
and found the following:
my google email or drive was mounted as a drive.
in it, someone downloaded a file, named kiki, into location:

content of the file is:
Look at this… :eyes: https://pin.it/3rTKHqD

how did someone, something, was able to download a file to my computer???
I’m not sure if Brave, Google or Ubuntu contributed to this suspicious behavior.

How can this issue be reproduced?
not sure, at least for now.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.29.81 Chromium: 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

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Do you have your Google account added to Ubuntu in Settings>Online Accounts (this is from memory as I use Zorin not Ubuntu now)? If so, and files is enabled then this will cause Google Drive to show up in Nautilus.

For the file, could you have access to a shared folder or have granted access to a folder to someone else? I haven’t found a quick way to check all shares in Google Drive but if you go to the Drive website (https://drive.google.com) and go to the folder, you can see who has access to the folder. There is also a menu option on the left hand side for files shared with you.

I don’t think this is a Brave issue and more of a shared file in Google issue. If you are really unsure about the file, change your Google account password and enable multi factor authentication if it isn’t already done.

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Thanks for the reply and suggestions. I don’t have any online accounts added to ubuntu. I use firefox-92 and Brave. I used “yodagoba” gmail account in firefox, and Brave, without this issue ever happening. This particular UBUNTU computer uses BRAVE downloaded from Ubuntu’s SNAP applications. on the other Ubuntu computers BRAVE is downloaded directly from BRAVE.com
It Happened that I recently upgraded BRAVE via snap (ubuntu software center) Logged into the GMAIL account, and a google drive showed up in Nautilus, and in Settings"""online-accounts, and that KIKI file was downloaded. This is why I filed this “support ticket” on BRAVE community website. because this issue never happened on firefox and other ubuntu computers. it may not be a malicious hack, because this file was pointing to some pictures. but the ability of someone to download anything via google account, and Brave onto an Ubuntu account raises suspicions.

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