Possible "no ads" fix (good if you don't have BAT yet)

Just thought I’d share this in case it works for anyone, could have just been coincidence for me.


I was setting up a second computer with rewards but it wouldn’t work (wasn’t even getting tokens for the background images). I turned on the verbose logging and was seeing the error about not getting unblinded tokens. Since I was new on this PC and had no tokens I first tried resetting my wallet from the brave://rewards page. Didn’t help. Toggling ads on and off from that page didn’t help either.

I decided to try resetting the wallet again, did so and closed the browser. I relaunched the browser and this time I enabled Rewards from the widget on the “New Tab” page of the browser. And this time it started working. Not sure if there is a different workflow behind the scenes in the browser when enabling it there vs enabling it from the brave://rewards page or not… but that did it. Or maybe just resetting one more time worked. Not sure… give it a shot if your BAT is 0 since you have nothing to lose.

I’ll note I was also seeing the error in the log “Ad notification not served: Not allowed due to permission rules” … I still see it but the image ads and notifications are working.

Additional notes for Devs incase it helps:
Windows 10 21H2, latest Brave as of 12-10-21, no VPN

When it wasn’t working I was also seeing 403 responses from the redeem_unblinded_token.cc workflow with the message “Go Away DC1”… whatever that means.

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Same issue logged on Github but closed with clarification “fixed server-side”. May be not thoroughly investigated.

Possibly, but that was back in July so maybe it got reintroduced. I had never come across the GitHub bug tracker for Brave, is it better to post something there than here? Although I made this more for the people looking for help to give them something to try.

It’s ok. You can post here. It’s easier to create issue here than on github.

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