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Hello, There appears to be a memory leak. I was noticing the browser seeming to take a long time to load & that the CPU was being used much more than usual. Slowing down computer. Also I was watching the Win 10 Task Manager visual square that displays CPU % usage in the bottom right hand corner of the task bar & was showing 10~20% usage. Opened up task manager & I looked at Details tab & sorted the Memory column (Memory(private working set)) which showed that there were 14 Brave.exe files running all at the same time.. I only had 3 tabs open, the screenshots with all of the particulars are all shown below.

I believe there is a memory leak or some other memory problem that is slowing down the browser. I have never seen this many instances of one program open at the same time. I checked the other browsers, IE… . Firefox, Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc… & they all only had 1 open .exe file at any given time. Granted their 1 open file was much larger than the individual Brave.exe open files were. Having said that all of the Brave open .exe files equaled a combined total of around 200,000 kbps or 2,000 Mbps higher than Firefox browser did with the same tabs open.

<<<Below file is a screenshot showing windows 10 version at the time which was the following: Windows 10, Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.608)>>>
Windows 10 Version.gif

<<<Below file is a screenshot of win 10 task manager showing 14 instances of Brave.exe running at the same time.>>>

Brave Version.gif

<<<Below file is a asreenshot showing the 3 tabs that were open in the Brave Web Browser at the time>>>
3 tabs open in brave web browser.gif

Is this the way Brave browser is supposed to function? If so, it will have to be much faster in doing so. I didn’t realize how much of a memory hog the Brave browser was until I started opening more tabs/web pages at the same time. Right now I use Firefox & the default page is set to open 6 pages. I use all 6 of these web pages/tabs at least daily or sometimes more often. They open up over 2 times faster than the Brave browser does with 3 tabs. Hopefully there is a fix for this in the pipeline.

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Uploaded thew 4 files from my original post again, just in case you could not open the files:
Windows 10 Version

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Please see comment here:

The 77.8MB you are seeing is only the Chrome browser process and that is a drop in the bucket of the total RAM usage. You will find multiple process for both Chrome and Brave under “Background Processes” and it’s not uncommon to have a single tab take up 400+MB of RAM. If you are doing anything more than a trivial test with a few tabs, the non-renderer processes will be completely lost in the noise of the RAM usage by the renderer processes.

If you have any other clues except the simple math on Task Manager, let us know.

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