Possible dupe of brave have i been infected?

See for yourself:

The first one was downloaded from brave.com and the second one was from the other website. Both are 1215 KB (1.18 MB) so they are the same. Maybe the community section just got confused because its not at all attached.

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Please, be more specific when you open threads. In your thread’s description you claim that the file was found on Malshare and that it can be downloaded from there, and now you claim that the file was downloaded from somewhere else.

If you downloaded the file from the website @ItzMeRajat provided, there is no need to worry as a Support team member wrote that the website is related to Brave in some way, although I don’t know why file’s name had to be changed.


my apologies I wasn’t clear enough. i admit i was pretty panicked at the time makeing the thread you both have my thanks the site looked so legitimate but was thrown off by the name then uploaded it to virus total i dont know why your scanners in your above image flag it as suspicious inless thats a entirely different file

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