Possible bugs found




I think i have found some bugs in Brave.
OS: Windows 7 x64
Version info:
Brave 0.18.14
libchromiumcontent 60.0.3112.78
Muon 4.3.6
Node.js 7.9.0
OS Architecture x64
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
OS Release 6.1.7601
rev ad92d02
Update Channel dev

  1. When i detach a tab and try to drag it back, it usually causes this tab to crash or all other tabs to crash if there was any other open.

  2. When opening rss feed (i.e. windows desktop gadget) sometimes it crashes whole browser, sometimes the page opened is black and nothing else. Twice my sidebar.exe have crashed just after opening rss link. (Brave is my default browser)

  3. Brave doesn’t seem to remember maximized window, it always starts little of the place and when i click maximize-button again it corrects (but i have to do this every time it starts).

  4. Bug reporting is made pretty difficult. Why i need to register to report bugs or errors?

  5. Browser startup is very slow. Firefox starts in about 5 secs but Brave takes about 30 sec. (High-end machine).

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