Possible bug with Brave Search on Lunascape Browser

I was using Lunascape browser which has three rendering engines (gecko, webkit, trident) just for fun and research.
I used Brave Search on Lunascape browser. For gecko the page search.brave.com rendered/displayed properly as it should. For webkit and trident it did not load properly. I used other search engines like ddg, bing, google, qwant and all of them rendered and displayed properly for all three rendering engines except for brave search. It seems that brave search renders properly only for gecko and not for webkit and trident. I have attached photos from ddg and brave for a search result of letter ‘a’. In upper middle portion you can which rendering engine it is.
I put possible in title as it may be the browser problem and not specifically brave search problem. But as other search engines load perfectly there is a chance that it is brave search bug.

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Thank you for letting us know about this. I’ve forwarded this information to Search team for review.

When visiting the search engine, could you right-click the page and select Inspect from the context menu, please? Next, select the Network tab from the developer tools and check to see if any of the requests were blocked. From the screenshots it appears as though some of the CSS (crucial for styling and presentation) may have been blocked.

I noticed you’re accessing the page with various rendering engines (Trident, WebKit, Gecko, etc.) all from the same browser. Something to consider would be the various versions of these engines. Trident is quite old, and will not therefore support many modern features of CSS. While WebKit isn’t a neglected project, I don’t believe much attention is given to keeping it fresh and modern on Windows. As such, I’m curious which version you’re using.

If you don’t mind, please go to https://sampson.codes/ua/ and share the user-agent string presented for each of these rendering engines. It may be the case that you’re attempting to access the page from engines that are far too old.

I was testing it out as there are only two browsers in the world who run multiple rendering engines- Lunascape browser and Avant browser. Lunascape browser is run by a Japanese company and as far as I know 1-2 engineers are maintaining it.
I have put CSS/Spreadsheet info for webkit engine. Gecko runs fine, but cannot load images from the sub-menu bar (where news, video, all section are located).
For trident, developer tools are not available.

I am not dev/programmer, so some of the CSS and other data you want I cannot give you as I do not know what they are or where in dev tools it is located.

As you said, it might be that the engines are quite old and that is why the brave search may not be getting rendered properly. Though as I mentioned other search engines 5-6 which I tried worked/rendered normally, meaning that they are compatibile with older rendering engines excluding brave search.

If no change is made, I wouldn’t mind as only this browser which is used by handful of people.

Also let’s say, can Brave in future (2-3 years later) have multiple rendering engines like chromium and gecko running side by side. I was gonna raise the question for Brendan one the community talk which Luke organizes but my timezone does not match for the call timing. So, for gecko brave, it may not have the extra stuff (BAT, ENS, IPFS, Wallet, Rewards etc) but just a normal gecko browser with good ad-block with randomized fingerprint. If my suggestion/opinion is passed about multiple rendering engine, it will be good.
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Numerous browsers can run multiple rendering engines; but it’s rarely practical or necessary to do so. Chrome, for many years, had the ability to load IE Frames. This was largely utilized by Web Developers looking to reduce friction in testing their sites across browsers.

The engines are indeed quite old, which explains the issues you’re facing with Brave Search. For example, WebKit 537.21 is roughly 10 years old. The Trident version looks like it pairs with Internet Explorer 11 (introduced in 2013). IE use is discouraged by Microsoft now as they work to move users off MSHTML/Trident and to Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. Microsoft themselves dropped support for IE 11 on Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

Your Gecko/Firefox instance is a bit concerning as well; it looks like you’re using the rendering engine for Firefox 45, which was released in March of 2016. The current version of Firefox at the time of this writing is 94.

Running these older rendering engines can be fun, but please do be careful. You’re technically running code that hasn’t been updated in quite a long time. This means you could be at risk for long-patched bugs and security vulnerabilities. I would suggest picking a single, modern browser (i.e. Brave), and sticking with that. Using multiple rendering engines is generally only something a web-developer might wish to do.