Possible bug or problem with 1Password extension symbol



I use the 1Password extension, however recently it has started not appearing next to my search bar. I have to turn it off and on so it appears but then it will not work or open. So i close the browser and reopen, then whenever I restart my laptop I have to go through the same process again.

Is this a problem with my device or just a small temporary bug? Is anyone else having the same problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Using: Brave 0.24.0 1P Version Latest. Mac OS Mojave


I haven’t experienced any kind of problem using 1Password’s extension version with Brave Dev Build Version 0.56.2 Chromium: 70.0.3538.35 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) on macOS Mojave 10.14.

May I suggest that you report the versions of 1P, Brave and your OS so that others may see if the same bug occurs.


I have updated the info above to show which versions. I am using the standard Brave and it is experiencing these issues.


I’ll go ahead and try to test on my end. However, I would highly recommend upgrading to the Brave Beta, as it offers much broader extension support and fewer compatibility issues with them. Also 1Password works just fine on it :slight_smile:

Links to get you started if you’re interested:

Brave Beta Download
Official Beta Announcement
Brave Beta Support here in Community

Additional resources:

Brave Software Twitter
Brave Support Twitter
BATProject Reddit


What are the differences between the Normal Brave and the Brave Beta, I didn’t even realise there were three different versions. Is the Beta version more efficient than the normal?


The differences are outlined in the links I provided:

Brave Beta Download

Official Beta Announcement
Brave Beta Support here in Community


I have just realised my extension is outdated, V of 1P. How can i update within browser?


I apologise, I will read now. Think I found the problem though, my extension is outdated. Can I update it, even though Im using it through Brave?


I would suggest first removing the old version by visiting chrome://extensions/ then click on the Remove button for the 1Password extension. Next, visit:

and install the latest extension from there.

UPDATE: actually, I don’t think that the standard version you’re using allows for the installation of Chrome based extensions, so you’d really have to adopt either the Beta Brave version or the Dev Build. Because you’ll be starting anew with the Beta or Dev build, you won’t have to uninstall any extensions. You’ll just have to install a brand new version of 1P from the link above.


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