Possible Bug, cant drag open tabs into bookmark folder


Windows brave version 0.17.16

If you attempt to click, drag, and drop an open tab into a bookmark folder in the bookmark menu … I cant seem to prevent it from moving that open tab into a new window. I just want to drop it in the folder, which I can get it to do after a couple trys but not without opening a new window.


Hi @bobtheman,

Just to make sure. Are drop it to folder or to folder pulldown? Because when I drop it to folder, its only create a new window, but when I drop it to folder pulldown, its bookmarked (and create a new window).


Thank you. Both. I’m assuming neither should open a new window? Is that right?


Yeah, I think it should not open a new window. Thank you for the info and I open a new issue on GitHub.
You can track the progress here https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/10007

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