Possibility the load sourcecode from VisualStudio

Hello guys,

Is it possible to load the browser’s sourcecode from VisualStudio?

What I’ve tried was to run gn gen --ide=vs out\Default.
First error was that I didn’t have GN command (thus depot_tools). Fixed it by manually downloading depot_tools, setting it to PATH before python paths.
Then the second error was that there was no python installed. Fixed it by putting direct paths to pyhon, instead of the python3 command (in depot_ttols - gn and gn.bat).

Now… the error is like this:

gn gen --ide=vs out\Default
ERROR at //BUILD.gn:31:1: Value collision.
This import contains “chrome_version_major”
See //build/util/version.gni:85:24: defined here.
chrome_version_major = _result.major
Which would clobber the one in your current scope
See //brave/build/config.gni:27:26: defined here.
chrome_version_major = “”
Executing import should not conflict with anything in the current
scope unless the values are identical.

Any idea about how to load the sourcecode tree from VisualStudio?

Or do you guys use some other IDE that you could recommend?

Many thanks.

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