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I am a new user of the Brave Browser. My feedback is positive.
Using Windows 7 on an old computer, with small screen, but it works properly.
I am not a heavy user, so I didn’t try every option or all features you can find on websites/internet.

I never used an adblocker before on other browsers but the Brave Browser feels like a revolution.
All the tracking and ads disappear and it delivers clean websites without the annoying tracking and ads.

Although I am just a normal person, I would be willing to pay monthly for good websites/content.
So I set my monthly payment to 20 BAT tokens. The first payment is scheduled in two weeks.

In the settings you can choose the option: “Allow contributions to non-verified sites?”
I think I should say yes, because in that way its creates more awereness and adoption for Brave right?
Or are most people using only contributions to verified sites? Please let me know.

Well, I well let the Brave community know how it is going, if the payment worked properly, and I will try more websites with flash, video etc to see if there will be recommendations.

Have a good weekend,


Hi @BigHoofer

Welcome to the community and thanks for introducing yourself a bit :slight_smile:

In regards to your question

There is no right answer - it is for you to decide. I do want to make sure you read this FAQ so you are aware of what happens if you contribute to a site that is not verified: https://brave.com/faq-payments/#unclaimed-funds

There are other FAQs under https://brave.com/faq-payments/ that you may find interesting or informative as you’re just starting out. Do let us know if you have questions along the way.


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