Positive Experience

I wanted to take the time to post some Positivity on here. (The spellcheck doesn’t recognize that word: positivity.) The browser works great. Very fast. The privacy shields may interfere with certain sites that demand to invade your privacy, but otherwise, the experience has been good overall. I do prefer this browser over Firefox for several reasons, and certainly anything that MS offers. I’ve had a mixed experience on Android devices, although I believe some of them are too old to run the browser properly. One android device that came with Opera pre-installed runs faster with Brave.

The Brave Rewards program has also been working well. My desktop browser is regularly accumulating BAT, and my Creator’s Account has earned some BAT through referrals and tips. Great Job! Good Luck and Continued Success!


Thank you for the kind words! I do love some good positive feedback – will pass this along to the team :slight_smile: