Portuguese language


It’s common sense that British English should be a language option so why not Portuguese from Portugal? After all that’s where the language was invented. So why does Brave Browser not have it as an option? Why only Brazilian Portuguese? Very short-sighted indeed.


Hi @xectis,

That’s because localization of Brave into locale language such as Portuguese (Portugal) is mostly done by contributors.

Because the localization is not 100% yet. If you want to help, I can provide you steps to get started.



Ok so language input is only done by contributors and not by Brave developers. Interesting.


Yes, localization to locale language is mostly done by contributors. You can see https://www.transifex.com/brave/brave-laptop/ to see the progress for pt_BR.

Also I think it’s common if contributors help to translate projects into locale language. I’m not sure about other browsers, but Firefox and Tor Browser also helped by contributors. :slight_smile:

Link shared above is for current Brave browser. For Brave 1.0 where they move to Chromium front-end, it’ll support pt_BR.