Porting Firefox extensions to Brave



Good Day Community and Brave Devs,

So far so good, every day I use Brave I fall more in love with it. I would like to see this browser conquer the browser market :slight_smile:

As a result, I have a question. In order to add further security to this browser I would love to see a particular firefox extension incorporated into the code. I feel this is a VERY important add-on and will help ensuring people log into legitimate websites. Basically, this is an SSL certificate verification add-on for firefox



Hi @fatboy I agree with you but as mentioned earlier on, Brave is likely to create their own version if it’s best to do so rather than them bloating a store if they ever do create one.
So personally I think you should re-enter your comments on the link provided so your comments are heard and can be integrated together rather than having a preferred one ported over which won’t be and has not been updated in over a year.


OK cool. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

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