Popup windows not being blocked and download bar options when?


This first issue I didn’t find results for. The second part I did, but I have additional questions related to it not answered.

Section 1: Some web sites are still opening pop ups and new tabs and switching to them, ignoring new tab preferences. Some of these web sites will redirect you through anywhere between 3 and sometimes 10 redirects before resting on the annoying advertisement screaming at you at full volume in a computer voice or other scammer deal about windows being infected. I intentionally went to some questionable web sites just to test brave, many NSFW types, POPULAR ones too and saw this. Disabling scripts will solve the problem, but just like on Youtube, disabling scripts breaks the page entirely and well, can’t we like block the scripts that call for new tabs or windows to be blocked while allowing others to run?

Section 2: Clear Download History is needed and So I searched for the ability to permanently HIDE the download bar located at the bottom.

I get this. The option will be implemented with https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/pull/11547

But that was on Oct 15, 2017. It’s March 1, 2018. Was the development of this feature dropped?
What’s the status of the feature roll out if it wasn’t and why did you even implement this annoyance screen hogging feature in the first place? I mean common, WHY?! That bar is the size of Nebraska!

I have what’s called a batch screen layout. It’s a multiple monitor setup and each window requires a page or app to be open at all times. Each one contains a package that must be downloaded every 30mins when running. We switched to Brave before we noticed this massive flaw and each time the download bar appears, it cuts off part of the scrolling information output on that page. This is being used in a Science lab and is VERY important. We had to return to Firefox for now because of it, but we eagerly wait an update on this.


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