Popsci.com terrible on Brave


Popsci.com’s ads are getting through on Brave. So are unwanted videos. Scrolling is jerky. I have to block both fingerprinting and scripts to get rid of them, and this leaves me unable to navigate through the website. I am using IOS 10.11.6, and Braves’s latest update.



Thanks for reporting the issues with popsci.com.

Going to investigate, and will follow up with an issue link to GitHub.

Really appreciate you letting us know.


I was not able to reproduce on IOS 10.3.1 when using brave 1.3.1 :grimacing: I tested both with and without regional Adblock but no change :no_mouth: All ads gets blocked without any problems both with and without FP protection :hugs:


Thanks @Jacalz

I’ve been able to repro on Android - working on resolving.

Will post an update once I wrap up the investigation. This is a vendor that flies under the radar a bit, and it’s tricky to repro.

Stay tuned


Are you really on IOS? You wrote 10.11.6 and there is no such thing, do you mean OS X? :wink:
Would guess that you meant OS X 10.11.6/ El Capitan :wink:


Yes, I am using OSX El Capitan. Thanks for looking into this. I don’t understand why you have no problem with it but I do.


Thanks @Jacknive

The thing is, we all are experiencing it, it’s just that the anti-ad blocking involved makes it appear that things are OK in some instances.

I suspect that when you see the ads, it’s likely when the partner involved has ads to serve.

This particular anti ad blocker can do a lot of different things. For example, I saw ads on Android, didn’t see ads on desktop, but I see the vendor code on desktop.

Some of the behavior is timed to work if certain conditions are detected on the user machine (network connection strength, cookie controls). Others depend on the publisher: whether they have ads available to serve for ad blocking users, etc.

I am investigating from this issue in GitHub if you’d like to track progress: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/8159

I am going to close the item here, since we have the investigation in progress from github.

Thanks again for reporting this!

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