Pop-ups appearing on site

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I’m visiting a news site (smh.com.au). When open on a specific article there are two prompts to “save articles for later” which can be dismissed/acknowledged.

However when I visit another article, the same prompts appear.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.visit www.smh.com.au
2. Click on an article, observe poop-ups
3. Click on another article

Expected result:
Should acknowledge once, and not be prompted on every article read.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v 1.20 (

Mobile Device details
iOS 14.1

Additional Information:

didn’t previously occur, but not sure if it is a chance on the browser or site.

Works fine in safari.

Any thoughts welcome!

Thank you for reporting!
So on my end I actually don’t see any pop-ups appear when I land on the page or visit any articles – can you provide an exact link to an article so I can look at the same one you are and see if the pop-ups appear?

Here’s a link

The site required a log in… not sure if that has something to do with it.

Attached is a screen shot too with the pop up that appears. This is essentially on all links from the smh.com.au home page.

As I start scrolling, other pop ups appear. Attached is another screen shot from the same article.

Apologies – these are not the type of “pop-ups” I was expecting to see. These pop-ups are implemented by the site directly and relate to site-specific features. They are very likely only one-time pop-ups. Once you click Got it, they will not show again and they pose no danger or security risk to you – they’re simply trying to show off site features for logged in members.

Sorry, I didn’t explain the issue well. I agree with your explanation of expected behaviour. The problem is in Brave, they appear on every article/page even after I have clicked “got it” So it is not a ‘one click and it remembered’ scenario within Brave

However, it works fine in Safari.

Ahhh I see. I think this may be due to the fact that you’re blocking cookies on the site? I’m wondering if clicking Got it will set a cookie and then the site would know not to display the tool-tip again.

Can you try navigating the site with Shields down just to test and see if the tool-tip pop-ups appear in this same way?

Sure thing. How do I put “shields down”? :grinning:

Ignore that. I found the setting.

I took shields down, browsed the site and then reinstated it.

The pop ups seems to have disappeared.



You’re very welcome – happy to help :slight_smile: