Pop-up window in banking app not appearing


Using a banking app, there are links which show as


In Chrome and in Firefox, these links create a popup window.
In Brave, little seems to happen. I have tried “shields down” on this page but it makes no difference. How can I enable these pop-ups?

My setup:
Name Version
Brave 0.19.53
rev e09025b
Muon 4.4.29
libchromiumcontent 61.0.3163.100
V8 6.1.534.41
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform Linux
OS Release 4.10.0-37-generic
OS Architecture x64

Meet.google.com fails to display window selection popup

This is a known limitation. We have an issue for allowing popups via window.open. You can track the issue here

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