Pop up not showing on a OTRS help desk system


Hi all,

In my current work we have an internally hosted helpdesk application named OTRS and in Brave when i am replying to a support ticket i would normally get a popup window to fill in all the details in my reply and hit send. It appears nothing happens in Brave.

I tried this yesterday with the latest stable release as of yesterday and again today after installing latest preview 0.19.66 rev 148f5b0.

I have turned of the Brave shield already for this website.

Any ideas on what i can do now to help fix this bug? The platform works perfectly in Google Chrome just to make that known :).


I have the same issue. It’s really annoying because I can’t switch to brave as I have to use otrs.

Version 0.19.70 rev d4b94c6.

Please try to fix this.


Thanks for reporting @Rippie @SteveSibilia,

There’s an open issue related to pop up, here:

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