Pop up countdown timer to prevent logout of website

I am new to brave and in firefox, while on my bank’s website, I would get a pop up window displaying a countdown of 1 min before logging out that I could click to prevent logout automatically from website. Wanted to know if this countdown was avaialble in Brave?

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This is very likely a function of the website itself and should in theory work in any modern browser.

If it isn’t working, what is the result you’re seeing? You still get logged out but without the forewarning, or do you effectively stay logged in forever?

In either case, my first guess is that maybe the pop-up itself is being blocked by Shields. Have you tried with Shields down for that site?

Failing that, what settings do you have in brave://adblock ?

If we still haven’t gotten anywhere after checking those things, if you wouldn’t mind sharing the bank website address (but NOT username/password of course), maybe someone else with an account there can do some testing if more digging is needed.

I still get logged out without forewarning.

I’ll look at Shields now for that website.

Will check into this.

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