Poll: How do you use your BAT?

Hey all! I just was kind of curious what all of you tend to do with your BAT? Heck, I even wonder if y’all are aware of the things you can do with BAT. I’m going to list some things below, but it won’t include everything. Some examples may be:

I am holding my bat, hope it will go to the moon

BTW 0.005 bat for 1 add Is way to low please increase the reward

Haha, it would be nice if they could but I doubt it will happen. Ads don’t pay as much as people think, which is why so many websites and places throw so many on their pages and even try to force them into pop-ups and all. Keep in mind they are paying us 70% of what they are charging for ads to be seen. If they go too high, people may not be interested in paying.

About the only way you might see more BAT per ad is if the prices for BAT drop and stay dropped a while. But that’s counterproductive, who would want that? XD