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Hello, I use the newest version of Brave, very impressive and fast, congratulation! - but, unfortunately, it is a mistake in Polish translation - because “refresh” in Polish is “odśwież”, not “odświerz” - I send screenshot:

I will help in Polish translation :slight_smile:

Wrong translation of "refresh" when right clicking on the tab (Polish)

Thanks for reporting @lugarb,

Because you have interest to help with this, I’ll give you some information to get started

  • Brave use Transifex for localization effort. You can create an account if you don’t have one.
  • And search for Polish project language.
  • Click Join team, and if your request accepted, you can start to translating!
  • For translating, click resource (eg. adblock.properties) that you want to translate. And then click Translate button.
  • Voila! Start translating the available strings. :slight_smile:

In this case, you also can add new translation for misspelled word. I think this string is under menu.properties

Feel free to ask if you have questions.


Thank you, I’ll try :slight_smile:


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