Points not showing in brave publishers and not credited in uphold walletwallet

I have 11.8 bat points in my brave browser
(July month).but its not showing in my publishers and also not credited in my uphold wallet.please solve this issue.

Hello @Arun_castle,

First, creators.brave.com account and brave:rewards wallet is two different wallets with different purposes.

The first one is for creators and the latter is for users.

That’s why you not see your balance there and vice versa.

If you want to withdraw your BAT from mobile, you’ll need the latest version of Brave and accumulated 25 BAT in your brave:rewards wallet before you able to connect your Uphold account.


Hai @eljuno
Why bat points (11.8) not updated in my publishers??? It shows 0 .you can check my attachment

See my previous reply :point_up::sweat_smile:

Hai @eljuno
Still I have some doubts that it’s not connected uphold account. But it should be updated in publishers.if it’s less than 25 bat.

@Arun_castle as sir @eljuno said you won’t be able to see your balance from brave rewards wallet to publisher’s wallet because they are 2 different wallets with different purposes

It is not.

If you want to withdrawal your BAT from Android wallet,

  • you need to accumulate 25BAT first
  • use the latest version
  • and you’ll see Verify button when you click BAT triangle icon at URL bar
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