Pocket's Bookmarklet with brave browser always request login

I tried using Pocket’s Bookmarklet with brave browser and I keep getting login requests.
I followed pocket’s help here (allowing pocket’s cookie):

Expected result:
pocket adds current url
Brave Version( check About Brave):
[Version 1.15.72 Chromium: 86.0.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Hi @dejavo,
What do you mean by:

Can you elaborate? Are you saying that you cant sign into the extension or the site?

Yes, I can. a bookmarklet is a way to bypass the need to install an extension. basically, it is a bookmark of a javascript script.

On their website, pocket offer such bookmarklet, when I click on it to add an article into pocket I get a request to login even though I’m logged in.

You can find more details here:

I’ve found a workaround to the issue here:

I think it is more of an issue with brave browser than an issue with the pocket bookmarklet itself, as suggested by the later link.

Can you try visiting the Pocket website where you authenticate originally, and changing the cookie settings in the Shields panel to All cookies allowed, then seeing if your credentials are retained?

Did that - the same result. also, I added the cookie explicitly as suggested in here

It is somewhat related to the fact it isn’t opened in a new window. the workaround pops a window, does what it needs, and immediately closes it. probably a security measures for running 3rd party JS script on the website - but I guess there is a way to exclude it.

Do you see the Shields/Rewards icon appear in the window that pops up?

Yes -see:

And this my whole browser setting - nothing specific for this window.

The workaround bookmarklet source code:
j_avas_cript:var pocketWindow = window.open('https://getpocket.com/edit?url='+document.location,'PocketAdd','height=300,width=600');setTimeout(function () { pocketWindow.close();}, 5000);

while the original pocket bookmarklet source is:
j_avas_cript:(function(){var e=function(t,n,r,i,s){var o=[5232320,2349609,4723037,5932648,2523828,2446119,1284607,3007038,1301449,5264242];var i=i||0,u=0,n=n||[],r=r||0,s=s||0;var a={'a':97,'b':98,'c':99,'d':100,'e':101,'f':102,'g':103,'h':104,'i':105,'j':106,'k':107,'l':108,'m':109,'n':110,'o':111,'p':112,'q':113,'r':114,'s':115,'t':116,'u':117,'v':118,'w':119,'x':120,'y':121,'z':122,'A':65,'B':66,'C':67,'D':68,'E':69,'F':70,'G':71,'H':72,'I':73,'J':74,'K':75,'L':76,'M':77,'N':78,'O':79,'P':80,'Q':81,'R':82,'S':83,'T':84,'U':85,'V':86,'W':87,'X':88,'Y':89,'Z':90,'0':48,'1':49,'2':50,'3':51,'4':52,'5':53,'6':54,'7':55,'8':56,'9':57,'\/':47,':':58,'?':63,'=':61,'-':45,'_':95,'&':38,'$':36,'!':33,'.':46};if(!s||s==0){t=o[0]+t}for(var f=0;f<t.length;f++){var l=function(e,t){return a[e[t]]?a[e[t]]:e.charCodeAt(t)}(t,f);if(!l*1)l=3;var c=l*(o[i]+l*o[u%o.length]);n[r]=(n[r]?n[r]+c:c)+s+u;var p=c%(50*1);if(n[p]){var d=n[r];n[r]=n[p];n[p]=d}u+=c;r=r==50?0:r+1;i=i==o.length-1?0:i+1}if(s==246){var v='';for(var f=0;f<n.length;f++){v+=String.fromCharCode(n[f]%(25*1)+97)}o=function(){};return v+'3997039f89'}else{return e(u+'',n,r,i,s+1)}};var t=document,n=t.location.href,r=t.title;var i=e(n);var s=t.createElement('s_cript');s.type='text/j_avascript';s.src='https://getpocket.com/b/r4.js?h='+i+'&u='+encodeURIComponent(n)+'&t='+encodeURIComponent(r);e=i=function(){};var o=t.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]||t.documentElement;o.appendChild(s)})()

Note that I added underscore - j_avas_cript, so I’ll be able to post the source code.

Any ideas?

Can you try changing the cookie control setting in the window that pops up and asks you to authenticate to Allow all cookies – then see if it works?

I think I wasn’t clear enough, The popup window is the workaround that helps using the bookmarklet for adding an article to Pocket app. There even with shields ON - everything works properly.

The original bookmarklet, proposed by Pocket itself - is the one not working, it doesn’t open any window. and its code snippet is attached above.

hope it is clearer now.

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It is – I’m also now getting the same behavior as you after adding the bookmarklet to my browser. I’m going to have to dig further into this – I appreciate your patience. Hope to have more information soon.

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Hi, @Mattches, did you get to any conclusion?

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